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Prostatepedia features informal conversations with doctors, patients, and activists about prostate cancer. Each month they tackle a different topic facing prostate cancer patients today—from how imaging has impacted treatment to dealing with erectile dysfunction after radiation or surgery to the evolving field of immunotherapy.

Prostatepedia Magazine (quarterly) and the weekly Prostatepedia Digests became part of NASPCC starting with the August 2020 issue.

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Public policy advocacy at the local, state and federal levels is a major part of customizing support for prostate cancer survivors and men who might someday become survivors. In 2014 NASPCC adopted public policy advocacy as a core strategic priority of the organization, setting the following as a goal:

NASPCC will be the lead organization in the U.S. advocating and lobbying for prostate cancer related funding and federal, state, county and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations favorable to the fight against prostate cancer; which in turn will support efforts to eradicate prostate cancer as a source of pain, suffering and death.

To accomplish this goal, NASPCC has established the following benchmarks. NASPCC will and is:

  • Training. Providing train the trainer training to state coalition representatives to include basic advocacy training, strategic planning and issue selection.
  • Issue Selection. Developing an issue selection process (tool) that will facilitate the selection of legislative issues on which NASPCC will advocate based on the organization’s capacity, the extent of benefits the issue will provide to the overall prostate cancer problem, the scientific evidence upon which the issue is based, etc.
  • Solicit Issues. Soliciting state coalitions and other entities and individuals for federal and state issues to be considered as a part of the NASPCC issues agenda.
  • Federal Issues Agenda. Utilizing the issues selection tool, NASPCC will develop a federal issues agenda.
  • State Issues Menu. Using the issues selection tool, NASPCC is developing a “menu” of recommended issues for state coalitions to consider and adopt as part of their advocacy agendas.
  • Public Policy Assistance. Developing an NASPCC issue expert bureau for NASPCC and state coalitions reference.
  • Implementation Teams. Developing NASPCC issue implementation teams to plan and coordinate federal issue campaigns and assist with state campaigns.

Recent public policy efforts of NASPCC have included forming a strategic alliance with Us TOO International and actively working at the congressional level to preserve CDC funding for prostate cancer education and awareness activities; a campaign that will continue in full force once the federal House of Representatives elects a new Speaker of the House and congress determines to again take-up consideration of spending bills.