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Prostatepedia features informal conversations with doctors, patients, and activists about prostate cancer. Each month they tackle a different topic facing prostate cancer patients today—from how imaging has impacted treatment to dealing with erectile dysfunction after radiation or surgery to the evolving field of immunotherapy.

Prostatepedia Magazine (quarterly) and the weekly Prostatepedia Digests became part of NASPCC starting with the August 2020 issue.

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NASPCC - National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer CoalitionsThis page contains a variety of resources to assist your own learning. They include recent NASPCC Conference Presentations and Recommended Readings 

NASPCC Annual Meeting Presentations

Please use the links below to view/download these presentation materials. Each will open in a new window and each is in PDF form requiring a plugin to view.

Recommended Reading

Each of the following books can be found on Amazon:

  1. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. Siddhartha Mukherjee
  2. The Foremost Good Fortune. Susan Conley
  3. Anticancer: A New Way of Life. David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D.,
  4. About the Its Not Bike: My Journey Back to Life. Lance Armstrong
  5. Saving Your Sex Life: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer. John P. Mulhall
  6. I PAD For Dummies. Edward C. Baig and Bob LeVitus
  7. 100 Questions and Answers on Prostate Cancer. Pamela Ellsworth
  8. Survive to Win. Bob Watson
  9. Overdiagnosed and Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health. H. Gilbert Welch
  10. Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds. Arthur L. Burnett & Norman S. Morris
  11. Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patients. Mark Moyad
  12. That Black Men Might Live: My Fight Against Prostate Cancer. Rev. Charles Williams & Vernon Williams
  13. Intimacy with Impotence: The Couple's Guide to Better Sex After Prostate Disease. Ralph & Barbara Alterowitz
  14. Dead Men Don't Have Sex: A Guy's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer. Robert Hill
  15. There's No Place Like Hope: A Guide to Beating Cancer in Mind- Sized Bites. Vickie Girard
  16. Taking Time: Support for People With Cancer. National Cancer Institute

Also recommended:

  • Uro Today – magazine where medical articles can be found archived.
  • Malecare - downloads on Advanced Cancer, clinical trials, foreign language materials, help for patients and families - transportation, medication, treatments, housing.
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (PCTRF) - was established in November 2010 to help people interested in, and affected by prostate cancer through education and research.

    The primary goal of the foundation is to help people make better decisions about prostate cancer treatment.

    We will accomplish this goal by supporting and promoting educational resources relevant to prostate cancer treatment such as the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group and the PCa Commentary by making their results readily available:

    • to patients, and the groups that support them,
    • to medical professionals, as they seek to provide the best care for their patients,
    • to policy-makers, charged with allocating resources for the best outcomes.


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